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Matt Woodrum, CEO & Founder

Matt is happily married to the woman that changed his life of 11 years.  He is also the proud dad of three little girls ages six, four, and nine months.  As someone who grew up without knowing his dad, Matt understands the importance men bring into the marriage and into their children's lives.  He made a promise years ago to become the man he never had in his life for his wife and children.

Matt is also the founder and CEO of Wrestling with Fatherhood which equips men to discover their strengths, understand their value, accomplish their goals, and live out their dreams to become their children's biggest Heroes. 

Sean Romero, CEO & Founder

Sean Romero single father of four, coach, mentor and motivational speaker who is on a mission to create a Faithfully Led tribe. He believes strongly in paying blessings forward and helping people live exceptional lives. He plans to help create great leaders One. Awesome. Person. At. A. Time. 

Sean is a John C Maxwell Certified Coach/Speaker/Mentor and has the Faithfully Led Podcast and co-host of the High Impact Leadership Podcast. Sean is a 17 year veteran of the United States Air Force with 14 of those years as an F-16 Crew Chief. 3 years as a Flight Engineer on the KC-10A Refueling Tanker. Sean also has over 630 flight hours. 6 Years as the Lead Crew Chief Training Manager/Instructor 4 Years as the Unit Career Advisor. 

Terry Burgess, CEO & Founder

Terry “Coach T” Burgess is a 3x “second chance” parent to two boys (22 and 21) and one girl (16). He has been a survivor and reborn man through overcoming many challenges in his life to develop him as a man today. He is an only child who lost his father when he was five to a cerebral aneurism as well as a man who has been unable to have children of his own.

Coach T is a Midlife Coach, author, podcaster and speaker within his own company, Upward Mentoring and Coaching. He’s developed a passion to help men become better individuals, spouses and parents despite whatever challenges they face. He has seen the effects of a missing male parental influence through his work with over 500,000 children/young adults in higher education and a volunteer with Scouts BSA, Girl Scouts, and local youth sports leagues for the past 32 years.

Galen Nuttell, CEO & Founder

Galen Nuttall is a financial security advisor located in Belleville, Ontario. Before moving to Canada nine years ago he lived in Venezuela where he directed a charity that helped rural youth gain access to higher education. Galen has lived in 4 countries on 3 continents, has three passports and speaks three languages. 
Galen has been featured in several articles in the Globe and Mail.
He is the author of “The Squirrel! Journal” a guide for the distracted entrepreneur to keep focus and complete their next big goal in 91 days. When Galen isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two small children as well as participating in Olympic-distance triathlons. 
Starting May 1st
1. You will Learn to work with your wife and your children
We were all born with different talents, gifts, love languages, and personality styles.  While this can make thing difficult, it can also create a level of peace and strength with your family  

Within this challenge we will learn about these differences and how to work together to respect these differences.  This will improve your relationship with your wife and children
2. You will learn how to value yourself and your family
One of the most difficult things about being a Dad is the lack of value you place on yourself.  In order to have a great family, we must understand what you bring to the table

Within this challenge you will how your value needs to be incorporated into your life. You will also learn how to create positive momentum in your life using God given purpose(s) and talents
3. You will find accoutability in a FREE Facebook group
As Dads, we know that being a Dad can be one of the loneliness feelings in the world because we are taught that men need to suck it up and deal with life even when it hurts

Within this challenge, you will have access to a FREE Facebook group to start building friendships with other men who have been where you have been.  It's time to help one another be all you can be

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